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Nadege Honey

Nadege Honey is a contemporary Jewellery Designer with a love of strong bright colours. She personally designs and handcrafts all her creations. Whilst her designs are bold, they are both uplifting and unique.

Nadege works from her studio in Northampton where she creates colourful and quirky jewellery in polymer clay and sterling silver. She is self taught. Over the years she has developed a  unique style and refined the various techniques required to create her jewellery.Her products are stocked in stores and galleries throughout the UK and sold worldwide. Every piece is unique either as part of a collection or limited edition.

Design and inspiration

Her inspiration is varied. For instance, her  distinctive BRETON Collection is inspired by the memories of her childhood holidays spent in Brittany. Her love of classic design from various eras is also a strong influence in her work. Fascinated by the Mid-Century and Art Deco styles in particular, some elements of these periods are often echoed in her work. Above all, she creates pieces where colour, pattern and texture are centre stage.