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Cat Head Pendant - Silver

Designer: Amanda Coleman

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"Cats rule the world" - Jim Davis (creator of Garfield)
It's true! They kindly let us live in their house and sleep in their bed, we are their servants, letting them in when they want, feeding them when they want and they will occasionally give us a cuddle... but only when they want too!
This is a stylish pendant, with the detailed markings of a tabby cat and of course their gleaming, green alpinite, hypnotic eyes! Perfect for that special gift.
  • Handmade in the Amanda Coleman workshop in Lincoln, UK
  • Available in solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • The silver necklace is  48cm(19")
  • The cat head pendant detail measures 8mm high by 7mm wide
  • The perfect gift for any cat lover
  • The necklace is supplied in a beautiful 'Amanda Coleman' branded gift box


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