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Blank Canvas Cosmetics Splurge Set

Designer: Blank Canvas Cosmetics

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Splurge on this gorgeous brush bundle - filled to the brim with Blank Canvas multi tasking tools. The perfect gift for any brush fanatic and it comes in the signature Blank Canvas keepsake box.

Made in Donegal

Blank Canvas "Splurge Set" includes all the essential make up brushes which create both your every day make up as well as creative looks. 

Set Includes

  • Blank Canvas E01 Small Eye Blending Brysh 
  • Blank Canvas  E03 Lip & Eye Brush 
  • Blank Canvas Large Oval Shader Brush 
  • Blank Canvas E87 Small Blenind Brus 
  • Blank Canvas  E88 Angled Brow Brush 
  • Blank Canvas  Tapered Concealer & Contour Pencil Brush 
  • Blank Canvas F84 Angled Edged Contour Buffer Brush 
  • Blank Canvas F04 Angled Contour Brush 
  • Blank Canvas  F08 Dome Buffing Brush 
  • Blank Canvas  F39 Dome Powder Brush 
  • Blank Canvas F33 Extreme Contour Brush 

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