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Birdball Ceramic Hanging Birdhouse

Designer: Green&Blue

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The beautiful ceramic Birdball birdhouse.

It is inspired by the natural form of birds nests. The Birdball provides a safe environment for nesting small birds, with an entrance hole large enough to allow easy access for Blue tits, Coal tits, March tits and long tailed tits but small enough to keep out predators. Made from frost resistant ceramic.

The Birdball birdhouse makes an ideal gift, or treat for yourself, and looks stylish in the garden whilst providing habitat for our much loved wild birds.

The Birdball birdhouse comes as a suspended bird house which you can hang from a branch or as a wall mounted version which you can attach to a wall or house.

We recommend that the Birdhouse is cleaned after each breeding season .

Made in Cornwall by Green and Blue , a certified B corporation which is a company which meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

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