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La Bougie Candles

Designer: La Bougie

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 Created entirely by Lucy Hagerty in a West Cork perfumery using prized aromatics and botanical oils from around the world. Each fragrance captures that elusive quality which is the hallmark of La Bougie and is matched with a rapeseed blend of wax to achieve the slow, clean burn for which LA BOUGIE is renowned. There is a world of difference between a hand poured LA Bougie candle and the mass-produced fragrances of the High Street.

Mission Fig: "The old gnarled fig tree in the garden of my family home in Tuscany takes centre stage in this fragrance. Whether lunching under it's canopy or reading a book in the dappled sunshine, this tree has inspired me to create my iconic perfume" - Lucy Hagerty, Perfumer   

Salted Lime & Ambergris: "This beautiful and curious fragrance combines the sourest of citrus, the yuzu with the most prized aromatic, ambergris..... Summer is here even in the bleakest months. - Lucy Hagerty, Perfumer 

Tuberrose & Black Pepper:  "As a teenager I was drenched in Poison by Christian Dior which is where I found my love of Tuberose" - Lucy Hagerty, Perfumer   

Tuscan Bergamot:  "Sage, thyme, lavender, mint and bergamot..... These are the plants around the terrace in the Tuscan garden and my early morning retreat.... beautifully unisex, this is the candle I burn most often" - Lucy Hagerty, Perfumer                                                                                                            

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