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Bee cell

Designer: Green&Blue

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 A nesting site for solitary bees.

The Bee Cell is a single cell nesting site designed for solitary bees to lay their eggs. Each Bee Cell contains a cast cavity where bees lay their eggs. They will seal the entrance with mud or chewed leaf depending on the species. The following spring the offspring emerge and repeat the cycle. Inspired by the guerrilla gardening movement, the Bee Cell bee house makes a great gift for the garden lover in your life and is a super easy way to create additional space for cavity nesting solitary bee species. Solitary bees are non aggressive and safe to encourage around pets and children. Brilliant pollinators , a vital part of our biodiversity.

The wrap contains lots of info to help spread awareness about our brilliant bees. The Bee Cell looks great on a garden wall, in amongst a log pile, on a sunny windowsill, anywhere where you can add a little space for wildlife.

Directions: The Bee Cell should be positioned in a warm sunny spot, south facing, with no vegetation in front of the fascia. Ideally placed at least 1/2 metre from the ground with no upward limit.

Designed by Green and Blue in Cornwall , a certified B Corporation, a company that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

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