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Salute Roller Ball - Grapefruit & Bergamot

Designer: Yogandha

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  • Bergamot : is immediately uplifting to the spirits and is also excellent for stress and anxiety
  • Zesty Grapefruit : eases S.A.D (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) and jet lag
  • Rosemary: boosts mood, energy levels, and the immune system. It wakes up the mind and helps it to focus
  • Also contains: Sacred cedarwood, ravensara  (a gentler cousin in the eucalyptus family), with a hint of patchouli and ylang ylang 

  • Usage

    Apply : to temples, neck, and wrists when you need a lift. Invaluable if you need to work when you’re tired. Keep a bottle in the car – it’s a huge help for drivers’ fatigue.
    Chakra: This oil has an affinity with the manipura (solar plexus) chakra
    Mantra:  par am dhehi (may the upward moving energy be nourished)

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